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Christopher Columbus   Jesus Prays in the Garden   Boy Praying 

   Jesus   Jesus caries the Cross  Jesus has Risen  Let Us Rejoice!

      The Light of the World  Noah's Ark  Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph  Jesus on the Cross


Jesus in the Manger   John Baptizes Jesus   Member of the Knights of Columbus  Priest at Mass

   Family singing in Mass   The Bread of Life  Jesus Entry into Jerusalem  Dove

   Jesus down from the Cross   Boy's First Holy Communion  Jesus Loves Us  Jesus Loves Us!

      The Annunciation   Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph   Christ   Baby Moses Found

Jesus Accention in Stained Glass   Samson the Judge   Jesus   Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Jesus Power   Mary and Jesus  Moses and the Ten Commandments   Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses throws down the Commandments   Moses parts the sea   Our Lady of Fatima Stained Glass Window   Our Lady of Guadalupe

Moses in the Temple   Pope Benedict XVI   Saints   Samson at the Temple

Samson at the Temple   St. Therese   We are people of Gods's peace   Jesus in the Manger

Mary and Joseph   Pope at the UN   Jesus was born on Christmas Day   Jesus carries his Cross

Moses and the Ten Commandments   Pope John Paul II   Jesus was born on Christmas Day   Jesus with the children

Jesus Last Supper   Jesus Last Supper   The Last Supper   Mary and baby Jesus

The Accention of Christ   Moses receives the Commandments   Mary   Noah collecting animals for his Ark

Moses and the 10 Commandments   Jesus sits   Jesus on the Cross   Marys Apparition to the 3 children in Portugal 1917

The Last SupperThe Last SupperThe Last Supper  



In service to one....         In service to all.

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