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Sept. 2010


There are many personal rewards of belonging to the Knights of Columbus. Listed below are some of the

best advantages for protection of you and your family.


LIFE INSURANCE- The Knights of Columbus currently has one of the top ranked insurance programs in North America.

We have phenomenal Term, Whole Life, Mortgage & Estate Planning insurance, with some of the lowest premiums in the industry. If you are currently holding life insurance with any other company or are currently looking for insurance, give us a call…you will not be disappointed. We have recently raised the age limit to apply from 75 to 80 so it’s never too late to take out a small policy to cover the cost of a funeral.


GUARANTEED INVESTMENTS- The Knights of Columbus are in a position to offer members and their families either Registered (RRSP or RIF) or Non-Registered investments on a GUARANTEED basis. We also guarantee that the money invested will never renew at less than 3.0% (3.25% on deposits over $10,000.00). These investments are creditor proof and probate free as well. Available for RRSPs and TFSAs.


LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE- In 1999 the Knights established this new program for Members and their families. Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is a program that reimburses the expenses associated with long term care needs in your own home, assisted living facility or nursing/long term care facility. The Canadian health care system definitely does not provide for seniors who are faced with the enormous cost associated with a disability (whether physical or a cognitive impairment), now the Knights are in a position to help when a Brother or his spouse find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Our program is considerably less expensive and is significantly more comprehensive than the commercial companies’ policies.


ASSISTANCE SERVICES- Do you need help with budgeting, reducing debt or saving techniques? Do you have questions about an impending retirement or about a potential estate tax liability? These are all areas that we can help you with and we provide these services to Members and their families for FREE! We also assist in your time of need if there is a death in your immediate family. We can and will assist in several ways here are just a few:


_ We will assist, if needed, with funeral arrangements.

_ We will notify the Council so they may assist you and the family.

_ If needed, we will assist in any financial matters.

_ We will assist in filing claims with all companies if you wish.

_ We will submit on your behalf for all pertinent CPP survivor benefits, Old Age security benefits or any Veterans benefits if applicable.

We will do all of the above as an absolutely free fraternal benefit. All that is required is that you or your family ask for assistance.


Please remember, this is YOUR fraternity. We were established in 1882 to protect our Members and their families in their time of need. We are still here 127 years later doing just that. If I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Vivat Jesus,


Field Agent - Insurance

Michael Mullin

(905) 655-8978 Bus.

(416) 300-8680 Cell.




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