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S/K Hugh Penney

Grand Knight



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April, 2013



Welcome to Council 6490's website. The year 2011 brings many changes and challenges to our council.  A new Grand Knight, new Deputy Grand Knight, new Warden and a new Chaplain, Fr. Sany as well as many other new faces on the executive.

The old challenges of recruitment, retention and fundraising still remain our main focus. The new challenge of contributing funds to the restoration of our church windows lies ahead for us all. This will be a major undertaking for our small but mighty group, and one I know we will be able to achieve together. To the visitors of this site I bid a hearty "Hello, come on in and look around". I trust you will find what you seek. If you think of any way we could make this site better, please feel free to let us know.

Vivat Jesus,


Hugh Penney

Grand Knight

Port Hope Council 6490




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