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Sir Knight James J. Tracey

Assembly 2167




Faithful Navigator
S/K David Bernier

Faithful Friar
S/K Fr. Randy Foster

Faithful Captain
S/K Roy Quigley

Faithful Admiral
S/K Peter Hills

Faithful Scribe
S/K Kenneth Reid

Faithful Comptroller
S/K Barry Mckinlay

Faithful Purser
S/K John McCann

Faithful Pilot
S/K Mark denBiessen

Faithful Inner Sentinel
S/K Howard Vanneste

Faithful Outer Sentinel
S/K Robert Bonner

Faithful Trustee (3 Yr.)
S/K Frank McCafferty

Faithful Trustee (2 Yr.)
S/K Hugh Penney

Faithful Trustee (1 Yr.)
S/K Neil Denis

Color Corp Commander
S/K Hugh Penney

S/K Mark denBiessen


Assembly Archives


Sir Knight James J. Tracey Assembly was chartered on April 15, 1989 by 45 Fourth Degree charter members from the Port Hope, Cobourg and Bowmanville councils.  Our Assembly's first chartered Faithful Navigator was S/K Thomas J. Cousineau.   Today, the Sir Knight James J. Tracey Assembly is made up of Sir Knights from the Cobourg and Port Hope councils.


The Sir Knight James J. Tracey Assembly, named after a past Grand Knight (1953-1955) and former District Deputy, Jim Tracey has been involved with the Knights of Columbus for forty years and held many positions including Financial Secretary and also served as Chairman of the Knights of Columbus's 200 Club which raised money for community projects. He was retired from the Department of National Defense, and also served on Cobourg Council in many capacities for 7 years. Jim Tracey was dedicated to the betterment of his town, born in 1905 he passed away at the age of 82 January 8, 1987.





Fr. F. P. Duffy Council 1970

Cobourg, Ontario


St. Joseph's Council 6361

Bowmanville, Ontario


Port Hope Council 6490

Port Hope, Ontario


Past Faithful Navigators

History of the 4th Degree


Our Assembly's Honor Guard is available upon request for qualified events and functions. Please contact Guard Commander

S/K Hugh Penney (905) 375-2297 for details and information.


4th Degree Color Guard

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Fourth Degree Charter p.1
Fourth Degree Charter p.1
The S/K James J. Tracey Assembly Chartered April 15, 1989


Fourt Degree Charter p.2
Fourth Degree Charter p.2
45 Fourth  Degree charter members




James J Tracey






The dove, The cross and The globe
The triad emblem of the Fourth Degree



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