Knights of Columbus

Fourth Degree


Cardinal McGuigan Province

1st Ontario District


K G.A. (Tony) Noonan



Dear Candidate,


The Knights of Columbus are excited that you are considering continuing your journey in the Order by becoming a member of the Fourth Degree. The Fourth Degree is always open to receiving new members who are anxious to be a part of the visible arm of the Order. Now perhaps more than at any other time, the Knights of Columbus are being called upon to support our Church and our Clergy. By providing colour and pageantry to our Church services, and in our Communities, we display pride in our Catholic beliefs.


“Please join us in our ongoing challenge”


As a Fourth Degree candidate, it is important that this next step in your journey will not deter in any way the commitment you have made in your Third Degree Council. The Fourth Degree members are encouraged to be Leaders by example in their respective Councils. While the Fourth Degree is acknowledged as the visible arm of the Order, the Third Degree is the recognized charitable foundation of the Knights of Columbus.


This Candidate Package contains the Fourth Degree Membership document (Form 4), and other information regarding the  1st Ontario Exemplification being held in Cobourg, Ontario on November 2, 3 2012.  The Exemplification will be hosted by Master Tony Noonan and the Members and Ladies of the S. K. James J. Tracey Assembly 2167 Cobourg ON.  Your sponsor and/or the Membership Chairman of your chosen Assembly looks forward to meeting with you to explain all the details of membership.


Again, it will be an honour to have you pray and walk with us a member of the Fourth Degree.


Vivat Jesus,


G.A (Tony) Noonan,

Master 1st Ontario District